Welcome to Greentown Learn


Greentown Learn is dedicated to helping create a world where the use of renewable resources predominates and environmental sustainability is in sight. Our role is to help startups scale in sectors such as energy, water and agriculture. We do that through educational programs that support the process of prototype to product deployment.

Greentown Learn is based in Massachusetts but seeks to serve the global cleantech community. We are a new non-profit spinout of Greentown Labs, the largest cleantech startup incubator in the United States, where we are located along with 50 member companies.



Greentown Learn houses the Manufacturing Initiative, a program that connects startups with manufacturers throughout Massachusetts to build advanced products. We knew that to serve cleantech startups we couldn't build a service just for them and so any manufacturer or startup, regardless of sector, can engage in this program.


Mentoring Support

Companies delivering mission critical products in sectors such as energy, water and food have to get their products right the first time and need all the support they can get. Greentown Learn is in the process of developing a mentoring program to help entrepreneurs and mentors alike succeed. 


New Offerings

Greentown Learn's Manufacturing Initiative supports companies in the development of their manufactured products. We're creating new offerings to help companies throughout the entire scale-up process, from prototype through product design, partnering, piloting, and to production at scale.