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Rise Robotics Case Study


Rise Robotics is revolutionizing the way we use machines to lift heavy objects. Not only can their electronic actuation technology move heavy objects, but it can also be used to compress air. Their compressors were much quieter, more powerful, and uses less energy than other air compressors on the market today.

The Strategy

Rise was in need of manufacturers to fabricate components for their prototypes. Rise Robotics was also interested in learning how these parts are made so they can better interact with manufacturers during their scale up period. In order to best help Rise, Greentown’s Manufacturing Initiative:

  • Issued a survey in conjunction with MassMEP to Rise Robotics. The survey determines where Rise needed help in their supply chain.

  • Hosted office hours with Rise Robotics and our subject matter expert from MassMEP to discuss finding from the survey and to discuss their manufacturing strategy.

  • Learned that Rise needed components machined, but lacked connections to local manufacturers.

  • Facilitated introductions to three manufacturers in Western Massachusetts that had the capability Rise needed.

The Result/Impact

Rise ordered two sets of components to be fabricated by a Greentown Manufacturing Initiative suppliers. This effectively took Rise Robotics’ product from concept to prototype. Rise ended up winning the 2017 Pro-Tool Innovation award for the innovative air compressor, an award that recognizes the construction industry’s most innovative tools.

Rise Robotics continues to consult Greentown’s Manufacturing Initiative on different aspects of their business. We have helped them with supply chain management strategies and finding the right manufacturers. They continue to participate in our Office Hours with our manufacturing subject matter experts and have participated in almost every event we have hosted.